Ice Bar Boston

Frequently Asked Questions

It averages about 21 degrees, give or take a few degrees. But…it’s a dry, non-humid, non-windy temperature so it may not feel as cold as it sounds.
You know many people ask that question, and the answer will surprise you. In fact it might shock you: Frost is actually projected to use LESS ENERGY than the outdated office space that was previously here - and we view it as a textbook example of what can be achieved with minimal energy... when using intelligent design.

The key to this miracle is a combination of consumption (like everyone always talks about... like discussing mileage on a car) but equally importantly is the more boring CONSERVATION of energy. That's the unsung hero of green construction. When we first turned the ice room on during that heat wave in early August - and it went from 85 degrees to 25 in under 30 minutes - we knew we had an efficient system. But it was when we turned it off - and it stayed cold for days - that we all smiled about building a TRULY excellent design. The key to green building is not keeping things unplugged, so to speak, but to make sure that energy doesn't go out the window…

In this case, our walls are built to an insulative factor 5 times greater compared to most buildings and more than most freezers. Coupled with an airlock transition room (and warm capes to keep pesky body heat from getting out), we achieve what industry folks call "coasting"... meaning the room enjoys that high school "a body in motion stays in motion" with its temperature. Its like how your freezer at home uses less energy once full of frozen food, rather than when empty. In that way it was gratifying to watch the temperature *drop* as we delivered and installed the 100,000 pounds of (reclaimed-water) ice - even with the doors open and the cooler barely running!

So, to get further nerdy, we use LED lighting, natural light, recycled and reclaimed materials and insulation, waterless urinals (ok now I'm getting too green for you) but it all adds up to what amazing feats can be achieved with minimal energy… IF something is designed around the need to be efficient.
No you don't need to as we accept walk ups, however during our busy times you may want to book in advance so you get the entry time you want.
With admission you get the use of gloves and a parka cape, we suggest closed toe shoes as your feet may get cold. We do offer boot rentals on site for $6.
Yes, we rent boots for $6. We also sell knit hats in our gift shop.
It is best to make advance reservations if you have a specific date/time in mind. You can also buy tickets on site but peak times may sell out. You can buy tickets on our website
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangable.
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangable if you miss your entrance time. If you arrive 15 minutes late or less, we will allow entrance at that time.
Yes, 7 days a week, year round except the following holiday hours:
Closed - Thanksgiving Day
Open noon - 3 pm (last entry) - Christmas Eve
Closed - Christmas Day
Open noon - 8 pm (last entry)- New Year's Eve
Open noon - 4 pm - NY Day
Peak Season 12 noon – 10pm
Off Peak Season 2pm – 9pm
The entire bar – walls, furniture, bar, glasses and sculptures – are all made of ice with the exception of the floor and ceiling.
Yes, guests must be 6 years or older. Beginning at 4:30pm, you must be 21 or older to visit.
We offer a menu that features a fun selection of about 8 cocktails that change seasonally.
Yes, we always offer at least one non-alcoholic drink.
Yes, we offer discounts on admission for groups of 15 or more. Please visit our group tour page or call 617-307-7331 to speak to our Group Sales Department.
Yes, you can contact our Group Sales Department for availability, packages and prices at 617-307-7331.
No, due to the cold temperature and limited time, no food is served. We do have dozens of wonderful food options in and around Faneuil Hall.
Yes, here’s a link to our Sustainability Statement.